Center for Business and Economic Research

Ball State University’s economist says Indiana should focus much more energy and money into educating Hoosier students, so the state “isn’t left back a generation.”  As IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann reports, he says that doesn’t mean preparing a workforce of manufacturers.


“I don’t think the state is doing even a minimally adequate job of coming to grips with the fact that manufacturing employment in Indiana is not going to grow.”

A new study from Ball State University underscores how higher education can boost wages – especially in certain parts of the state.

Its author, at the Center for Business and Economic Researcher, says the study suggests poorer counties have lots to gain from regional educational partnerships.

Graduate researcher Nathan Law found that since the recession, it’s been easier for Hoosiers with at least a bachelor’s degree to find full-time work.

Jobs Report Shows Improvement And Reasons For Concern

Nov 7, 2014
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An economist from Ball State says the jobs report shows the labor market is improving slowly, but he says there is still a lot of underlying weakness.   

The Labor Department says the economy created 214,000 jobs in October, while the nation‘s unemployment rate fell to 5.8-percent, down a tenth of a point from September.