Daniel Altman

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During their monthly meeting Wednesday, Indiana’s State Board of Education plans to which scores count as passing grades for last year’s statewide ISTEP+ test – scores almost everyone expects to be lower than in previous years.

Indiana Department of Education staff and technical advisors have set expected ISTEP+ pass rates lower than actual pass rates seen in 2014. According to their calculations, if no changes were made, 16-percent fewer students would pass English and 24-percent fewer would pass math.

ISTEP Stress Test Delayed Due To School Feedback

Jan 20, 2015
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The next stress test for computer systems used in the ISTEP exam across Indiana was supposed to take place Tuesday.

Now, it won’t happen until sometime in February.

The stress test by ISTEP maker CTB/McGraw-Hill was delayed due to feedback the company received from schools, according to the Department of Education. The maker says it wants to make sure thousands of students can simultaneously take the online portion of the exam without incident.

Indiana Department of Education spokesman Daniel Altman says the first stress test took place last week.

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We’ve been hearing the same story for months: State Superintendent Glenda Ritz and members of the Indiana State Board of Education don’t really get along. People say the drama keeps the group from getting anything accomplished.