This I Believe

This I Believe: Be Your Own Best Friend

Mar 15, 2018
Harrison High School

  Being alone seems like a terrifying thought. The word “lonely” can have many different meanings. Isolation, boredom and overthinking are a few common words that I associate with the thought of being alone. I believe even though it is easy to dread, alone time is extremely beneficial.

Spending time without others around me used to seem like the worst thing that could happen. I dreaded the idea of being alone with my own thoughts. I used to spend most of my time surrounded by people, constantly. I relied on others to distract me from the feeling of loneliness. I did not know what to do if someone was not there to hold my hand through life. I had to learn that it is okay to hold your own hand. I needed to learn to be my own best friend.


This I Believe: I Believe We Can

Mar 14, 2018
McKenna James

      Throughout your life, you may have been asked questions you don’t quite know how to even begin to answer. Maybe it’s a toughie, like, “Who was the sixteenth emperor in China?” Other times, it’s as simple as “How are you feeling today?” Questions provoke thoughts, which provoke answers, which provoke emotions, but how can you configure a response to a query you don’t fully comprehend? Personally, the question of beliefs has always been difficult to answer.  What do I believe in? Had I ever given this question more thought, maybe I would have realized earlier that I have always had the answer. Not in my brain, but in my heart; my spirit.

This I Believe: It Pays To Be Flexible

Mar 13, 2018
Rachel Lattimore


I believe that we should all be flexible. My whole life has been spent watching a river; my home is literally 30 yards from the bank of the Wabash River. I remember one cold January, the river came up extremely fast in the middle of the night.  It sped by, taking huge chunks of ice with it, carving portions out of the bank like a knife through soft butter. The shore line changed so quickly right before my eyes. Life is the same as the river. Everything can change in an instant -- plans, people, events, weather, everything. If we flex and move along with it, our lives will become free flowing and easier to handle.


This I Believe: Forgiveness Changes The Future

Mar 12, 2018
Rachel Lattimore


I believe in forgiveness. Growing up without my dad was hard. I tend to push everyone away who was only trying to be there for me. When I was younger, I was “Daddy’s little girl.” I was always with my father. One day everything changed. He cheated on my mother and got another girl pregnant.  The other girl ended up having a baby boy, and when he got a little bit older we got close. When I was around six years old, my dad finally left my mother without any explanation. My father was in and out of jail, and I remember those days I used to go see him. It was hurting him being away from me, but I disliked him for leaving me behind. A couple of years later he got out, but by this time I was already over him. He got it easy. My mother never put him on child support, so he took advantage of it and blocked me off everything.

This I Believe: Music Sets Us Free

Mar 11, 2018
Rachel Lattimore


I believe that music can unite the world. It can change the world. It can save the world. It is a way to deeply feel emotions and to express yourself. Concerts allow us to escape the reality of the cruel world we live in and feel happiness with the people around us. After the day I went to see Troye Sivan in concert with my best friends, I realized how important live music is to humanity.


This I Believe: One Smile At A Time

Mar 8, 2018
Rachel Lattimore

“Just a simple smile can change someone’s day.” I have heard this quote my whole life. My mom would always tell me this when I was young. This saying has stuck in my mind for a long time. When I grew older I never thought that a simple smile could change someone’s day. I had that mindset for a long time, but I was never told why or how it worked. My mom told me one day that sometimes a smile can save someone and help lift them up when life is not going well.

This I Believe: Measuring Worth

Mar 7, 2018
Rachel Lattimore

I begin to sort through my recent purchases from American Eagle, subconsciously expecting a wave of contentment to pass over me—as if these items will fill the void where happiness belongs. The goods have the ability to distract me for a while, but only until I find something else that I want. Well, as I have come to realize, the wanting never stops. There will always be something out there that I do not have. Oftentimes in my life, I have found myself caught up in our materialistic world. But as I have grown up and matured, I am beginning to understand that material items can only provide temporary pleasure.

This I Believe: You Can Count On Family

Mar 6, 2018
Rachel Lattimore


             I believe in family. Many teens nowadays tend to take their families for granted. They don’t stop to think about how important family actually is. Whenever they are having problems, especially teens, they go to their friends for help. It’s mostly because they think that since adults aren’t from this generation, they don’t know anything. I actually have learned that no matter what, family will always be there to lend a shoulder and to brighten up your day.                                 

This I Believe: Risky Business

Mar 6, 2018
Rachel Lattimore


Towards the end of 2016, the beginning of August, my family picked up our lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to West Lafayette, Indiana. My dad sold his business, my parents sold our house, and we all sold our relationships. We did all this so we could go to a church here in West Lafayette. We took a big risk. Everyone thought we were crazy. But it has been the biggest payoff of our lives. I believe a life without risks is a life with regrets.

Rachel Lattimore

I believe in self-love; not selfish narcissism, but the love that comes from truly seeing myself. My brain could easily be trained to remember that it’s “i before e, except after c” and to recall the Pythagorean Theorem, but learning to love myself is not something taught and recited in classrooms. Self-love took the kind of effort that was sustained over years and replenished in tiny dewdrops the size of the freckles I hated so much that wrap around my shoulders anytime I avoided my reflection.