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Educating young people about Indiana’s Lifeline Law has a new focus this year – text to 911.

The Lifeline Law provides immunity from underage drinking charges to minors who seek help for themselves or others. And it applies not just to those who call 911, but those who text it as well.

State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell – who chairs the Statewide 911 Board – says texting allows dispatchers to more easily follow up on 911 hang-ups, citing a recent example:

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The General Assembly this session will look to address the state’s ongoing drug crisis by expanding the Lifeline law and making it easier for people to get their hands on a drug that halts the fatal effects of a drug overdose.  The proposed legislation comes with the backing of Governor Mike Pence and the state’s drug abuse task force.

Underage Drinking Law Gets Social Media Relaunch

Aug 17, 2015
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Indiana’s Lifeline Law allows underage Hoosiers to call the police without fear of getting into trouble for drinking if they see someone that is the victim of a crime or needs medical attention.

The law’s author, State Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis), is renewing a social media campaign that aims to teach students about the law. he says this is the first year that campaign will emphasize that the law also applies if students are trying to help a victim of sexual assault.

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Indiana State Excise Police will be on the lookout for alcohol-related offenses as college students return to campus for the fall semester.

Corporal Travis Thickstun says they want to remind students to not make poor choices when it comes to alcohol.

"There are a number of laws like minor consumption, public intoxication, furnishing alcohol to minors (and) possession of false ID‘s that we‘re really going to be zeroing in on over the next couple weeks as students return to campus."

Drug overdose deaths in Indiana have quadrupled over the last decade, with a majority of those a result of prescription drug abuse. 

The state has the 17th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country.  And since 1999, only three other states have seen their overdose mortality rate increase as much as Indiana.

Intoxicated minors will be free to seek medical attention for others who have drunk too much without fear of being charged for underage drinking under a new law signed by Governor Mitch Daniels Friday. 

The Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity from charges of public intoxication and possession, consumption and transportation of alcohol by minors if those people are discovered to have been drinking only after medical attention is sought for someone who’s had too much to drink.