Indy Pride

Jim Merritt Will Not March at Indy Pride

Jun 6, 2019

Republican mayoral candidate Jim Merritt says he will not march in the Indy Pride parade out of respect for the feelings and wishes of the organizers and participants of the event.

This comes after a statement from Indy Pride on Tuesday which said while Merritt is permitted at the event, he is not welcome.

Canadian Blood Services /

People wishing to show their support for the victims of last weekend’s mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub are lining up at blood banks across the country, including in Indiana. But current laws regarding who can give are causing frustration among the gay community.

For decades men who have sex with men weren’t allowed to give blood at all because of worries about the spread of AIDS. The FDA loosened those guidelines last year, but still requires that any man giving blood hasn’t been sexually active with another man for 12 months prior to the donation date.

Quinn Dombrowski /

A day after tens of thousands of people visited downtown Indianapolis for the annual Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade to celebrate the city’s LGBTQ community --- organizers Indy Pride held an interfaith vigil Sunday evening for victims of the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub.

Hundreds attended the somber service, including Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Eric Weddle who brought back these sounds.