Indiana Beach Amusement Park Has A New Owner

Apr 24, 2020
Samantha Horton / IPB News


Indiana Beach amusement park has a new owner after previous owners announced they would be closing the park. The Thursday announcement follows months of financial incentive work by county leaders and a campaign made by fans to save the park.

Businesses near Indiana Beach are trying to figure out what’s next after the amusement and water park announced it’s closing.

Indiana Beach Amusement And Water Park Closes

Feb 19, 2020

Known for its slogan, "There’s more than corn in Indiana,” the Indiana Beach amusement and water park will not reopen this spring. 

Taylor Haggerty / WBAA News

Indiana Communities are debating the future of their historic buildings as state and local leaders push for economic development and city expansion.

Some small towns are struggling to maintain these structures in the face of sometimes confusing and conflicting rules and regulations.

A new amendment approved by lawmakers Wednesday would allow projectiles to be used during school active shooter training, if employees consent in writing beforehand. The amendment is part of a bill that funds teacher firearm training.

The proposed change comes in response to an incident at an elementary school in Monticello, Indiana earlier this year, when teachers were injured after being shot with metal pellets.

Downtown Monticello revitalization effort begins

Jun 6, 2012
City of Monticello

The City of Monticello is hiring a consultant to help implement its downtown revitalization.

Mayor Ken Houston says the plan was approved three years ago, but has been largely ignored. He says after taking office this year, he realized there was still interest in putting the ideas into action.

"We have been talking about it for quite sometime. We had the tornado years back and a lot of things happened in downtown Monticello since then - changes in the economy and storefronts - things like that. People want to see some activity there and things going on.”

Gross Sworn in After Recount

Dec 21, 2011

Cathy Gross will serve on the Monticello city council for the next four years.

The Democrat won the Ward Three seat after a recount. 

She defeated incumbent Republican David Kelly by one vote.

Gross was sworn in Wednesday and says her goal is to be a voice for the people, especially city employees.

Both she and Kelly received 233 votes after the November 8th election, but Gross picked up an additional vote from a provisional ballot during the recount which was confirmed, Friday.