Peter Bunder

Emilie Syberg / WBAA News

West Lafayette mayoral candidate Zachary Baiel says if he’s elected, he’d like to see a greater diversity of developers spending money in the city – especially locals.

Speaking Monday night on WBAA, Baiel said he’s somewhat concerned that just a few developers have done the lion’s share of the work along West Lafayette’s State Street, and he’d like to find a way to keep the market from pricing out Greater Lafayette interests.

Wind turbines sit on farmland surrounding a home
Taylor Haggerty / WBAA News

West Lafayette will not adopt a ban on large wind turbines going into effect in Tippecanoe County. The city council voted against the ordinance this week.

The ordinance prevents turbines over 140 feet in the county, and county commissioners say it’s to keep the land free for economic development. They have repeatedly said the ban isn’t a statement against renewable energy or environmentally-friendly technology.

But City Council President Peter Bunder disagrees.

“It’s also about environmental energy. And it’s - it’d be difficult to separate those,” Bunder says.

Rieth Riley /

More than once in a presentation explaining how a consortium led by Rieth-Riley was chosen to retrofit State Street, Purdue University counsel Steve Schultz said the team followed the letter of the law.

After the meeting, the university’s lawyer pronounced himself “perplexed” about the call for more openness.

“This project has had more public meetings approving the project than probably any one in the history of the city of West Lafayette," Schultz says. "So from the University’s perspective, we are puzzled by this clamor for more transparency.”

ACLU To Examine If RFRA Supersedes Civil Rights Laws

Apr 1, 2015
Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

An American Civil Liberties Union representative encouraged Tippecanoe County residents Wednesday to reject the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, which she says could erase 60 years of civil rights progress in Indiana.

ACLU national organizer Liz Welch says the organization is working on an act that may be the solution.

WL City Council considers new fees

Dec 3, 2012

A new storm water fee for West Lafayette residents and business owners will be up for a first vote Monday night.

The city has to raise funds to maintain its sewer system in accordance with state and federal requirements.

Councilor Peter Bunder says this piece of legislation is long overdue for the community.

"Well I think it's time for a storm water utility and for the city to work toward improving water quality in the Wabash River. I think we're about 30 years behind in terms of confronting the issue of runoff, I'm glad we're finally doing it."

Faith Church has cleared another hurdle in order to build a nearly $12 million community center in West Lafayette. The city’s Economic Development Commission voted three-to-one in favor of issuing tax exempt bonds for the project.

Under the deal, Faith Church could acquire $7 million in tax exempt bond revenue to finance the project, and would be responsible for paying back the money.

Commission President Bill Baitinger voted “No,” saying it sets a bad precedent.

Faith West project draws support and concern

May 8, 2012

A more than $11-million project in West Lafayette is moving forward, but not without some opposition.

The city council agreed to issue $7-million in bonds for Faith Church to build a community center along Northwestern Avenue.

The measure passed with a six to one vote.  Councilor Peter Bunder opposed. He says the move crosses the line of separation between church and government.

However, mayor John Dennis this is a way for the city to support the project and overall community development.