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Members of the Indiana 2020 Two-Way asked us how different places of worship and religious organizations are approaching reopening in-person services. To join, text “elections” to 73224.

So, Indiana Public Broadcasting and All IN went to work to answer some of those questions by gathering a panel of experts, including: Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis; Fatima Hussain, president of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana; Rabbi Mike Harvey, Temple Israel in West Lafayette; and Tim Shapiro, president of the Center for Congregations.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News


Gov. Eric Holcomb says he fully supports county and local governments delaying worship services in the state, following Marion and Monroe counties extending their “Stay-At-Home” orders. 

Religious services statewide will be allowed to reopen on Friday, as long as they observe social distancing.

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Indiana’s places of worship can resume in-person services -- using social distancing guidelines -- starting May 8, under Stage 2 of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s plan to reopen the state. This week, Holcomb said those places of worship would act as a “test or control group” that would help inform the state’s response to COVID-19.


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Gov. Eric Holcomb says places of worship will serve as a “test or control group” under his reopening plan.

Holcomb’s guidelines still impose restrictions on businesses and recreation areas, keeping some closed and mandating capacity limits on others.

But religious institutions can hold worship services starting Friday without limitation. Holcomb says he thought they would be the “most responsible” group to let fully reopen.