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Indiana Coal Company Gets Federal Small Business Loan

Apr 24, 2020
(FILE PHOTO: Barbara Brosher)


An Indiana coal company has received a $10 million federal loan. It’s meant to help small businesses keep their workers employed during the COVID-19 crisis. Environmentalists say that money should have gone elsewhere. 

The Sierra Club says Indiana should reject Duke Energy’s request to raise the average resident’s rates by $24 a month. Part of that revenue would go toward recovering the costs of the utility's Edwardsport plant.

The environmental group says some regulated utilities like Duke are “self-scheduling” coal plants. That means they’re deciding to run coal plants even when energy from the grid is cheaper. 

The Sierra Club says it’s suing BP for air quality violations at its Whiting Refinery that have harmed northwest Indiana residents’ health. The Hoosier chapter of the organization filed suit against the company in a federal district court on Friday. 

Northern Indiana utility customers protested Thursday night to oppose NIPSCO’s plans to raise their rates while allowing industrial customers to access lower market prices. The company says the proposed 7 percent rate will be used to transition away from coal and toward cleaner sources.

I&M Power To Close Half Of Its Rockport Plant By 2028

Jul 18, 2019

Indiana Michigan Power will close half of its Rockport coal plant — which some activists call a “super polluter.” Though the unit won’t shutter for nine years, environmentalists see the move as a victory.

Indiana hasn’t updated its rules on energy efficiency and safety measures in several years. Environmentalists hope a proposed change to the building code leads to a greener Indiana.

Lindsey Wright / IPBS

James Mahoney loves to watch wild animals walk around his seven-acre property in southern Indiana. That’s why he put up trail cameras on some of the trees.

“Anything that walks in front of this camera, out to so many feet, 50 feet or so, it will take its picture and you’ll see it walk by,” Mahoney says. 

Mahoney has a special compassion for animals. He owns several horses and chickens. He even rehabilitates animals, currently a fox named Baby.

That’s why it’s somewhat surprising for people to learn he’s been hunting and trapping animals his entire life.

DNR Proposes Allowing Trapping, Hunting Bobcats

Mar 16, 2018
Lindsey Wright / WFIU

The Department of Natural Resources is proposing to change several fish and wildlife policies, but one in particular is causing heated controversy.

The organization wants to allow the hunting and trapping of bobcats, a species considered endangered in the state until 2005.

EPA Moves To Repeal Clean Power Plan

Oct 9, 2017

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt announced Monday the Trump administration will repeal the Clean Power Plan.

The Clean Power Plan would reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent nationwide in an effort to slow man-made climate change.

Indiana and 27 other states previously sued the EPA over the Obama-era rule.

The U.S. Supreme Court blocked the rule from going into effect in 2016, a move that met the approval of industry groups such as the Indiana Coal Council.

A leading Indiana environmental organization won’t endorse in the gubernatorial race because it doesn’t have “enthusiastic support” for plans put forward by either Republican Eric Holcomb or Democrat John Gregg.

Steve Francis is the political chair of the Hoosier chapter of the Sierra Club. He says Indiana’s environmental issues – for instance, its reliance on coal and health issues created by poor air quality – have been ignored by the current administration.