Annie Ropeik / Indiana Public Broadcasting

A week after two tornadoes tore through Kokomo, more than a dozen people are still housed in the city’s emergency shelter and officials don’t yet have an estimate of how much cleanup will cost.

Mayor Greg Goodnight says that’s in part because some damage is still being discovered.

Goodnight says he met with one man who thought his property had only lost a few trees, with his home emerging from the strong winds unscathed.

Mintonye Elementary, Closed After November Tornado, To Re-open Wednesday

Aug 12, 2014
Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

Students at one Tippecanoe County school will return to class Wednesday, nearly nine months after a powerful tornado damaged the building.

Mintonye Elementary suffered major damage after winds of up to 165 miles per hour blew through the area on November 18.   Students had to finish out the school year in another building across town.

Tippecanoe School Corporation Spokeswoman Sue Scott says the elementary school has since been reinforced for safety.

Rebuilding efforts begin in tornado-ravaged Indiana towns

Apr 10, 2012

Towns devastated by the tornadoes in southern Indiana last month are starting to rebuild.

Purdue Disaster Specialist Steve Cain says the communities have come together to pick up the debris  from the storm.

He says now they are training some of the local people to handle case managementand construction management to help in the recovery process.

A committee called March2Recovery has been set up to help recruit volunteers and solicit donations.

More information is available at


The District 4 Response Task Force has more than 70 personnel and 30 vehicles in southern Indiana to help in storm damaged areas.

The unit consists of an All Hazards Incident Management Team, a Fire Suppression Element, an Emergency Medical Services Element, a Law Enforcement Element, and Services and Support Element.