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Data from one of the largest concussion studies is now available to scientists around the world. 

A new initiative, led by the Indiana Language Roadmap at Indiana University, is underway to create a more culturally aware workforce in Indiana.

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Dignitaries cutting the ribbon Thursday at a new Rolls-Royce research facility at Purdue University say increased defense spending proposed in President Trump’s budget could enable growth of the school’s fledgling aerospace park.

“You know, if the defense budget goes up, I certainly hope and expect that Rolls-Royce technology will be right there with it – going up," says Rolls-Royce North America CEO Marion Blakey. "Because we do expect that we could do work right here, in West Lafayette. We could do it right here at this facility.”

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More than 500,000 children ages five and younger have parents on active military duty for the United States.

The Department of Defense wants to make sure they have access to quality early childhood education.

Purdue is helping the DoD identify any gaps in services and develop a universal curriculum for all of its preschool programs.

The Department of Defense maintains the largest employer-sponsored child care system in the world.

The United States must rein in its spending. That’s the assessment of Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4).

He voted against the bill designed to address the fiscal cliff issue, citing the nation’s growing debt as the real problem.

Rokita says the proposals discussed over the past few weeks were good tax reform measures.

“Fixing the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), handling the estate tax, so our farmers and others have certainty in planning, and it saved about 98% of tax-filers from a tax increase, so those are good things. As tax reforms they were good.”