A day after President Biden said he would prioritize teachers and school staff as part of the ongoing vaccine rollout, a Meijer in West Lafayette opened its vaccine appointments to teachers. 


Many Indiana educators say they're frustrated that they aren't being prioritized for vaccines as many parents and policymakers press for more in-person learning. (Jeanie Lindsay/IPB News)

One of the only options for Indiana educators who otherwise aren't eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine has been shut down as the state enforces previously unknown rules on standby list eligibility. 

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Indiana’s State Health Commissioner says a COVID-19 vaccine could be available for some Hoosiers as early as mid to late November.

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State health leaders are beginning to release their plans for distributing a COVID-19 vaccine — whenever one becomes available.

HPV Vaccine Part Of Plan To Reduce Cancer Deaths

Oct 9, 2017

There’s a strategic planning effort underway at the Indiana State Department of Health to reduce the number of cervical cancer deaths. It’s prompted by legislation from the 2017 session. The plan includes a push to increase the number of young people who get the human papillomavirus vaccine.

HPV is the single greatest risk factor for cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine can help prevent that cancer but ISDH cancer control director Keylee Wright says less than half of all youth were vaccinated in 2016.

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A popular flu vaccination option for children is not being recommended this year. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics is not recommending FluMist for the upcoming influenza season after a panel review found it to be up to 25 percent less effective than the flu shot.

Purdue center developing tools for first responders

Sep 20, 2012

A U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral says technology being developed at Purdue is helping the organization with more efficient and effective use of data.

Robert Parker was in West Lafayette today for the annual meeting of the group known as VACCINE.

He says in emergency situations, decision makers need to be able to locate and analyze relevant data quickly.

Parker says one system developed by VACCINE that is improving the Coast Guard’s efforts is cgSARVA.

He says the computer-based modeling tool helps identify high-risk regions.

Purdue program developing tools for first responders

Jul 27, 2012

A Purdue program is helping the nation’s first responders solve some of their most pressing problems.

VACCINE works with partner universities to address issues such as gang violence, hazmat response, and disease outbreak.

Director David Ebert says it’s the interdisciplinary approach to research that makes the program so successful.

He says tools developed by VACCINE are designed to help make the collection, dissemination, and interpretation of information more efficient.