West Lafayette School Corporation

Lafayette School Corporation, West Lafayette School Corporation, and Tippecanoe School Corporation will be closed starting Monday, March 16, and begin remote learning instruction on Wednesday, April 1, in an effort to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.


According to a joint statement released Friday, each school district will be on an “extended” spring break, which will end on March 31. On April 1, classes will resume using remote instruction, which will continue until at least April 3.  


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As many of their colleagues from Lafayette and Tippecanoe County schools protested in Indianapolis Tuesday, teachers at West Lafayette schools held classes – but not before convening early morning rallies at several schools.

Tippecanoe County Teachers Join Protest For Better Pay

Apr 10, 2019
Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Teachers around Indiana rallied Wednesday in support of increasing teacher pay beyond what Republicans in the Indiana General Assembly have proposed.

Governor Eric Holcomb has led the push for adding two percent to what the state puts into its K-12 education budget, but educators like West Lafayette High School science teacher Andi Hipsher say that’s not enough.

“We feel that the two percent will barely even cover raises and they’re taking money from us in other places, so in some corporations, ours included, we might end up having a net loss,” she says.

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After a student and her teacher were shot at Noblesville West Middle School at the end of last school year, the summer was spent on renewed conversations about school safety in Indiana.

The state offered to buy handheld metal detectors for any districts that wanted them and superintendents began taking a hard look at their protocols.

But experts say there’s still a lack of coordination and the state may not have closed many security loopholes.

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Early voting on a funding question benefiting West Lafayette schools ended Monday at noon and has, so far, garnered little interest.

But election officials say that may be because there appears to be so little opposition to it.

County Clerk Christa Coffey says landlords – who’d have to pay increased property taxes on all their buildings if the vote passes Tuesday – are more ambivalent now than they were seven years ago when voters approved the first tax hike.

State Releases A-F Grades For Schools, Corporations

Nov 5, 2014
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After a delay of more than two weeks, parents can now find their child‘s school grade as issued by the state.

The State Board of Education voted Wednesday to approve the A-to-F grades after delaying the vote from their October meeting to allow for more verification. Board members, over the objection of State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, wanted to double-check the numbers due to a data error affecting the grades of five schools.