West Lafayette wastewater treatment plant

City of West Lafayette

Tippecanoe County wants to establish a new major bridge tax to cover the costs of replacing large bridges 20 to 50 years from now.  But, creating the tax would subtract some revenue from the city of West Lafayette.  Mayor John Dennis weighs in on the costs versus benefits of paying to maintain county bridges.

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The State Street redesign is one of the most ambitious – and costly – projects the city of West Lafayette has ever attempted.

But is its expected $60-80 million price tag an albatross around the city’s neck that prevents leaders from improving water infrastructure at a time some west side residents are complaining they’re poorly served?

John Dennis faces that question and more this week on Ask The Mayor.

Also coming up in this half hour: Speaking of projects that have hung around too long, a listener wants to know when she can get back into Happy Hollow Park.

West Lafayette is looking into the feasibility of new storage tanks at its wastewater treatment plant. The city currently uses lagoons to hold the liquid biosolids.

Utility Director Dave Henderson says a small leak in the current structure made him think it was time to plan for a replacement. He says the trickle stopped on its own and was likely caused by a small burrowing animal.

"If you're building a new plant, you'd be doing storage tanks. There are still many lagoons throughout the state. However, the storage tanks seem to be the alternative choice to replace lagoons.”

WL expanding its wastewater treatment plant

Jan 3, 2012

West Lafayette has state approval to expand its wastewater treatment plant. The facility will add a fifth aeration tank this year.

Utilities Director Dave Henderson says the new unit will increase capacity and allow the plant to handle up to 10.5 million gallons of wastewater per day.

"We can take in more homes, more businesses [with the expansion]. We're sort of limited because 90% of our capacity is being used right now. We need to look at ways to increase our capacity. That's what we've done here, so we'll be ready for development if that picks up in the new year.”