Off The Field With Morgan Burke: December 5

Dec 5, 2014

It could take $30 million just to replace scoreboards in Ross-Ade Stadium.
Credit Purdue Athletics

Purdue athletics director Morgan Burke took something of an unusual step this week, calling members of the press together to address the school’s football team.

As it turned out, it was a first step in a new program of advocacy the AD is planning – all leading up, possibly, to a push to spend tens of millions of dollars renovating Ross-Ade Stadium.

On this week's Off The Field, we’ll ask about...well...the field. You might be surprised just how much a new scoreboard can cost.

In this episode, we examine how a football team that’s been flagging in recent years can again draw fans to spend money attending games.

Morgan Burke says it’ll take an overhaul not just of how the stadium looks, but of whether those games are seen once more as a cultural experience, rather than just one possible way to spend a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon – or evening, if current plans come to fruition.