Governor Orders More Security, Guns At Indiana National Guard Locations

Jul 20, 2015

The move means more firearms present at National Guard locations, including storefronts set up as recruiting stations.

Governor Mike Pence has ordered enhanced security measures for Indiana’s National Guard in the wake of a shooting at a military installation in Chattanooga. 

Pence’s executive order directs the new head of the Indiana National Guard, Major General Courtney Carr, to work with the State Police, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement to beef up security at all National Guard facilities across the state, including recruiting storefronts. 

That includes arming military personnel at those locations. National Guard spokesperson Cathy Van Bree says fully developing the new security measures will be a deliberative process…and she notes the new concealed-carry policy won’t apply everywhere.

“Servicemembers will not be allowed to carry in currently restricted areas anyway, such as schools – like, recruiters will not be able to conceal-carry within high schools,” she says.

In a statement, Pence says he gave the order to arm National Guard personnel because he won’t allow what he calls Indiana’s “citizen-soldiers” to remain unable to defend themselves.