Judging 'Failing' Charter Schools May Take Different Criteria

May 11, 2015

Some state board members say even if students improve when they go to a charter, the schools should be judged the same as other public campuses -- on how many students pass tests and graduate.
Credit Claire McInerny / StateImpact Indiana

When a student gets an F in a class, they either have to retake the class or their GPA takes a hit.  When a school gets an F, the consequences are harsher.

After four consecutive years of failing grades, a charter school must go before the State Board of Education and develop an improvement plan which could include state takeover, assignment of a third party consultant or even closure.

In March, the board determined for the first time, the fate of two failing charter schools. But as StateImpact Indiana’s Claire McInerny found out, these schools don’t fit the typical definition of failing.