Political Surrogates Campaign In Indiana As Early Voting Starts

Oct 13, 2016

Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Surrogates for the presidential campaigns are urging Hoosiers to get to the polls even before Election Day.

A recent poll suggests Republican Donald Trump’s lead in Indiana could be down to just five points. Trump-Indiana campaign chair Rex Early says he doesn’t believe it.

“We’ve been all over the state and the energy and the people we talk to…boy they are strong Trump people,” Early says. 

Early says he’s been working to go into small towns and typically ignored areas of the state to drive out the vote for Trump.

Barack Obama’s 2008 upset win is the only time a Democratic presidential candidate has won the state in about 50 years. But Obama spent time and resources in Indiana…which Hillary Clinton hasn’t done. Rep. Andre Carson (D-7th) says resources aren’t unlimited.

“And so I think they’re trying to be strategic in terms of their investments but surrogates like me and others will hopefully spread the word and motivate the base," Carson said.  

Early voting is open now through Monday, November 7th.