Students, Employees Protest Notre Dame Contraceptive Stance

Oct 10, 2017

  Notre Dame students and employees gathered outside of the university’s Administration Building to protest the University’s response to the Trump administration’s rollback of the Obama executive order regarding contraception. Protesters said the university has presented itself in a different light in regards to healthcare.

Protesters shared stories of the effects the university’s stance against birth control will have on them. The stories ranged from needing doctor’s notes detailing why birth control was necessary, to what many feel is an impractical and outdated stance on contraception.

“I didn’t know that I was signing up for 5 years of celibacy when I decided to come here,” said one of the protesters.

Graduate students, most of them university employees, said paying for birth control out of pocket is not an option due to the high costs.

Protesters said they do not expect the  University of Notre Dame to pay for contraceptives, just to allow their insurance to do so, and to make birth control accessible on campus.

“Frankly, if the response is, you shouldn’t have come here if you don’t like this policy, that’s insulting as somebody who has spent a lot of time and energy giving to this community in a myriad of ways,” said another protester who wished to remain anonymous,

Protesters said they feel the university is forcing them to follow the its catholic doctrine, and this is something they were not told was expected when first considering the university as a place of employment or study.