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Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Traffic, State Street And Eminent Domain

City of West Lafayette
photo provided

Greater Lafayette residents who complained about traffic snarls last summer are getting their first tastes of what an even more hectic season this summer will be.

This week, construction began on West Lafayette’s State Street and you, the listeners to WBAA’s Ask the Mayor, have many questions. We put all of them that have come in so far to West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis during our next half hour.

Also on this week’s program, as the city carves out a downtown identity and allows the construction of several highrises that’ll dominate the new skyline, what will that mean for providing city services – especially fire protection?

And when State Street is complete, what about some of the derelict buildings that have sat vacant alongside it for years? Can the city use procedures such as eminent domain to make sure the new road isn’t besmirched by eyesores?

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