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CityBus Riders Hopeful That State Street Closure Will Help Their Commutes


The first phase of the reconstruction of State Street is due to begin Monday, and that’ll mean changes for bus riders in West Lafayette. CityBus employees and riders alike are trying to see the closure of one of the city’s busiest streets as a blessing in disguise.

CityBus officials have planned detours for the company’s routes that use State Street. Development Manager Bryce Gibson says he hopes the detours are an opportunity for people who hadn’t previously been using public transportation to start.

“It’s gonna be tough to get to parking and we’re gonna serve a lot of campus that I think people wouldn’t have been able to get to in their cars,” Gibson says. 

Rashmi Kumari, a post-doctoral researcher at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine, says she’s aware of the changes and hopes they’ll actually make her commute easier.

“Right now it’s like 10-15 minutes’ walk for me, but when it will go to that Grant Street or Williams Street, it will be like 3-4 minutes’ walk for me,” Kumari says. 

The Salisbury, Purdue West and Northwestern routes are among the popular routes getting a detour due to State Street’s closure.

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