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Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Paths (Walking, Driving And To Recovery)

City of West Lafayette
photo provided

The construction may be done for the season along West Lafayette’s State Street, but questions about road work are not.

This week, on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we chat with West Lafayette’s John Dennis about road construction going on in several places and whether it’s trampling both travel times and flower beds.

Also on this week’s program, the Tippecanoe County Commissioners have approved a one-year extension of the county’s syringe exchange program, which Mayor Dennis was for before he was against it.

The commissioners say they want more data a year from now, so we’ll ask the mayor if there’s any data he could see which would make him a needle exchange backer instead of a detractor.

And we also talk about the West Lafayette police department’s new body cameras. The come at a high yearly cost, so what can the new ones do that justifies spending $70,000 a year on them?

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