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Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton On Funding Priorities And City Council Salaries


This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: local governments are finalizing their 2022 budgets and signing off on next year’s salaries. In Crawfordsville, raises are on the way for the mayor, clerk-treasurer, and city council – which raised debate when one council member suggested leaving the council out of the proposed increase. How should city council members be compensated for their positions – and does the pay impact who signs on?

In our talk with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, we’ll discuss where the city stands on how to spend its American Rescue Plan funds – and hear more on how Crawfordsville could benefit from the Indiana’s READI grant funding, as the application period comes to an end. How can the state’s competing regions stand out and make their case?

Plus, a COVID-19 update, and more on the long-awaited removal of a low head dam.