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New Label For Hoosier Foods Next Month

Indiana Grown

Indiana‘s branding effort for homegrown foods is gearing up for a rollout next month. Products made entirely with Indiana ingredients will incorporate a "100-percent Indiana Grown" logo into their labels, or on separately affixed stickers.

Variations on the logo will cover food made in Indiana but with ingredients from elsewhere, or companies which assist in marketing Indiana-grown products. The program will formally launch July 7, but Indiana Grown Initiative manager David King says Kroger plans Indiana-grown displays in 107 stores, with Marsh adding nearly 80 more. He says the state is talking with organic grocery chains. King expects more than 100 producers to register for the program by week‘s end.

A trade show in Danville at the end of the month will amount to an audition for Kroger distribution, with farms and producers showcasing their wares.

"Everything from beeswax candles to organic cheese," King says.

The state established the program last year to draw attention to Indiana‘s agricultural production, and to make it easier for Hoosiers who want to "eat local" to identify those products.