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'Stranger Things' Theme Balloons Revenue For Local Corn Maze

Carly Rosenberger

Tippecanoe County’s Exploration Acres has experienced a sharp increase in ticket sales following the opening of this season’s corn maze, based on the hit Netflix television series Stranger Things

Exploration Acres President Tim Fitzgerald is an avid fan of Stranger Things. He says the maze has significantly influenced the farm’s revenue this fall.

“Online ticket sales are up probably 300 percent right now," Fitzgerald says.

The corn maze is a yearly tradition at the farm, but Fitzgerald says this year’s is attracting Stranger Things fans from well outside the Lafayette area.

“If we look at the people who are interested, it’s virtually people from every country in the world, which is really interesting because we have a breakdown on the number of clicks we get and the views,” he says.

Fitzgerald says this season’s visitors have traveled to Exploration Acres from New York, Colorado, and even Paris, France.

Plans for Exploration Acres’ 2019 corn maze, celebrating Purdue University’s 150th anniversary, are already in progress.