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Boiler Vet Camp eye-opening experience for high school students

A Purdue camp is giving high school students a chance to explore veterinary medicine.

The Boiler Vet Camp is in its fifth year of offering teens hands-on experience in Purdue’s facilities in Lynn Hall.

Camp Director Jim Weisman says the camp offers junior and senior divisions, both of which are popular among those considering a career as a veterinarian.

"Certainly we know from word of mouth and spreading out about this camp, we have well over 750 applicants for the 90 positions between the two camps. So we know we're doing a good thing here it gets very tough to choose these kids, but we try our best and then try to offer to as many kids as possible."

Fischer Almanza from Lawrence, Kansas, is one of the sophomores, juniors and seniors accepted to the camp. He calls it a memorable experience after just a few days on campus.

"I've loved working with these dogs, getting to know the dog one-on-one, meeting new campers. I've never even met people in Indiana before."
The kids are taking part in sessions involving examinations and observations of dogs from the Clinton County Humane Society.

Lexi Houser from Valparaiso says there is a lot to learn about the animals.

"We met our dogs Monday and we went over the basics. And now day-by-day we're breaking it down, talking about parasites, blood, the body, just everything about dog, which is great."
Some of the work students are performing on the dogs during the weeklong experience include blood work.

The camp wraps up with a graduation ceremony Saturday, during which students make presentations on their findings to their families.