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Logansport Voters: Throw The Bums Out!

Dahrol Perry / Facebook

Leadership of the City of Logansport will feature several new faces this term after five of six incumbents running for city seats lost to newcomers in Tuesday’s election.

Mayor Ted Franklin fell to Democrat Dave Kitchell and five city council seats will also be filled with non-returning candidates.

Kitchell says unlike in Lafayette, where Mayor Tony Roswarski was elected to a fourth term Tuesday, it’s uncommon to see a mayor stick around Logansport for long.

“In our case, we haven’t had that, but I think priorities change quickly in a four-year term and I think you have to be ahead of that train and find out what they are,” Kitchell says.

Kitchell says he’s focusing on living up to Logansport voters’ standards after what he called the “honeymoon” phase at the beginning of a mayoral term.

“I think incumbency can be a great thing and it can be a negative thing, depending on what your record is and where you’re steering the city,” Kitchell says. “Sometimes, people just simply get tired of you.”

City Council member Teresa Popejoy was the only candidate in a contested race who was re-elected.

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