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Advocacy group urges older Hoosiers to claim federal benefits

Indiana organizations are partnering with a national campaign to get the word out about benefits available for senior citizens.

The Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (IAAAA) is helping to provide information as part of the You Gave, Now Save program. C.E.O. Kristen LaEace says too many Hoosiers are missing out.

"There's just so much available in terms of health assistance or prescription assistance, transportation, meals, different kinds of in-home services that can kind of help keep a household going. There's just a wide variety of things that are designed specifically for older adults and people with disabilities."

She says after years of working, seniors are entitled to these benefits.

"They're not welfare or handouts, these are programs that you've paid into your whole life and now they're here for you, to assist you in whatever kind of long-term care service it is that you need."

Her association provides access to a Benefits Check-Up, an Eldercare Locator, and a comprehensive list of services available to seniors, which you can find HERE.

Residents of Greater Lafayette also can receive personal advice on possible benefits from the local Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs.