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Faith Church requests tax exemption

Land in West Lafayette acquired by a local church appears to be tax exempt.

The Tippecanoe Tax Board of Appeals is reviewing Faith Church’s plan to build a community center along Northwestern Avenue.

County Assessor Linda Phillips says there is no reason to believe the land won’t be granted a tax exemption.

Under Indiana law, land owned by religious organizations is exempt from being taxed.

The board has 90-days to review Faith’s proposal.

Opponents of the tax breaks say not all aspects of the project have religious components, and therefore should be taxable.  Part of the facility will include retail and food service areas.

The Board of Appeals is not voting on the specific parts of the project, only tax exemptions for the land where the facility is being built.

It will review the other parts once the building is constructed.

The city of West Lafayette already approved granting $7-million in tax exempt bonds for the nearly $12-million project.