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LUM tax assistance program could bring $3M back to community

Since Lafayette Urban Ministry’s 2013 tax assistance program began January 22, it’s brought back $2.5 million to low income tax filers.

Executive Director Joe Micon says it’s an important resource for those who seek the help.

“With these refunds, individuals are able to pay back rents. They’re able to purchase clothing for their children. People have paid tuition at Ivy Tech with these refunds,” he says. “Even had an individual purchase a car so he could accept a job.”

Micon says the largest federal refund so far totals $10,107, while the largest state refund has been $1,594.

He thinks the total amount of refunds from this year’s effort will be around $3 million.

“It really has a multiplier effect on our local economy, so it’s good for families, it’s good for local businessmen, and really this type of program is something that benefits all of us.”

Micon says there is still time for someone to make an appointment for the tax assistance program before it ends April 11th. More information is HERE.