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Chamber Survey Finds Plenty Of Jobs But Lack Of Qualified Workers

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

A new statewide survey finds that nearly 40% of Indiana employers have left jobs unfilled because they can‘t find qualified applicants.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce survey also shows that 72% of some 532 employers find filling jobs challenging, with 20% of them saying it‘s the biggest challenge they‘ve faced.

Vice President Derek Redelman says the survey, which is in its seventh year, blames the issue in part on lack of soft skills among applicants.

"Employers are looking at hiring, but ending up with a talent pool that frankly can't get through the drug test, or who won't show up for the second interview, or people who will show up in overly casual clothing," says Redelman.

He says Indiana‘s workforce and job requirements continue to change.

Redelman says science and math skills are even more important in sectors like manufacturing.

He says the good news is that it‘s not too late for even seasoned workers to shift gears and get proper training for new, good paying jobs.