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Cyber Monday Shopping Expected To Be Up This Year

Tim Reckmann

More consumers are expected to use online shopping to find bargains this holiday season.

Today is Cyber Monday, which has been the busiest day for online shopping since its inception five years ago.

But, Purdue University Retail Expert Dr. Richard Feinberg Feinberg said most shoppers use the Internet to comparison shop than to actually buy.

And Feinberg says he doesn‘t think online shopping will ever overtake actual shopping at the store.

"People still like feeling and touching the merchandise," says Feinberg. "[Online shopping] is still going to grow. Right now it's 10% of all shopping. Five years from now it's probably going to be 15-20% of all shopping."

Feinberg says like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is not the single day event it used to be.

Consumers are finding online deals throughout the season instead.

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