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State Senator Authors ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ Again


A bill aimed at protecting Christmas celebrations in public schools will make another appearance in the state legislature in 2015

The ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ as it was called, passed unanimously in the state Senate last year. But, it never reached the House.

Now, State Senator Jim Smith, R-Charlestown, is bringing back a version of the bill that is broader than before.

The first version of the bill was meant to allow Christmas celebrations in public schools. This version would also protect Christmas displays sponsored on city property if they give equal opportunity for secular displays.

Smith hopes the bill will dissuade organizations like Freedom from Religion from filing lawsuits against Christmas celebrations.

“You know, Christmas is really being extinguished from our culture and stolen from our children because of these organizations,” Smith says.

But the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana says the will do little to stop lawsuits because the General Assembly can’t regulate what does or does not violate the U.S. constitution.

The ACLU is in the middle of one such lawsuit against Franklin County, which is allowing a nativity scene on the county courthouse lawn.

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