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Cass County Officials Looking For Those Responsible For The Deaths Of 25 Dogs

Pet Adviser

The executive director of the Cass County Humane Society suspects a breeder is somehow connected to the deaths of 25 dogs in the past week.

Lisa Clark says all of the canines were Bluetick Coonhounds, a breed that is relatively rare in Indiana.

“I feel like it’s a breeder who either doesn’t want to breed any more or can’t afford it and decided just to get rid of them," says Clark. "Or they’re contaminated somehow, maybe they’re not full-blooded Blueticks, and he doesn’t want them.”

An investigation began last week after 13 dead dogs were found in two separate ditches.

The bodies of five more dogs were found Tuesday in a ditch behind Grissom Air Force Base.

Another seven dead dogs were found Wednesday along a county road.

Clark says it’s a devastating loss, especially since the Humane Society would have taken the animals.

“We never turn puppies away, and we could have helped," says Clark. "And I put that out when we found the first 13, not to do that, we would take them, we would find homes for them, rescues. But that was all ignored.”

Clark says the Humane Society is establishing a reward to help bring those responsible to justice.