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Hoosiers Feel Effects Of Nepal Earthquake In Indiana


Hoosiers are feeling the effects of the earthquake in Nepal and trying to assist how they can.

Adam Nevins is the executive director of Indianapolis-based ServLife and says his group has 74 pastors on the ground in Nepal, 13 of whom are based in Kathmandu. They build churches, care for children and fight poverty through micro-financing of local businesses in the region.

Nevins says his group’s orphanages in Kathmandu have been impacted.

“Some of the buildings have sustained some damage and the back wall of our main children’s home is destroyed, so the children are outside underneath tents, as are most people right now in the Kathmandu area,” Nevins says.

Nevins says the quake has destroyed the home of at least one of their pastors. 

Catholic Charities employee and Indianapolis resident Arpana Schwer has relatives in the Kathmandu area. She says her sisters are alive, but she says she wants to go back and see them for herself.

“We all are in shock. My mom says she can’t even cry, the tear doesn’t come out. We all want to go; we’re trying to contact our family back in India,” Schwer says.

Schwer says one of her sisters lost her house in the earthquake and now there are concerns about potential volcanic activity in the area.

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