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Indiana Group Accusing Fannie Mae Of Racial Discrimination

Jeff Turner

The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana is among a coalition of housing groups accusing Fannie Mae of racial discrimination nationwide.

Executive Director Amy Nelson says her groups has cited 78 foreclosed properties in black and Latino communities in Indiana they say Fannie Mae has failed to properly maintain and market.

Nelson says Fannie Mae was warned about the issue as early as 2009 and has yet to address the issue.

"Fannie Mae, like any other lender, has a responsibility to maintain their homes in the foreclosure process," says Nelson. "That includes mowing the grass, keeping the gutters clear, all those sorts of things so that house can be resold as quickly as possible."

Fair housing groups investigate foreclosed properties for 39 different types of deficiencies including broken windows, overgrown lawns and trash buildup.

Nelson says they‘re awaiting response from Fannie Mae and are watching the case.

She says in some neighborhoods, unkempt Fannie Mae properties remain eyesores.