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Tippecanoe APC to vote on New Chauncey Plan

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission is scheduled to present a proposal for the long term goals of West Lafayette’s New Chauncey Neighborhood.

Officials collaborated with residents during a series of meetings late last year to exchange ideas.

The plan lays out where there is potential to grow, but officials say about three-fourths of the neighborhood will be maintained as low-density residential.

But opponents such as West Lafayette City Councilor Peter Bunder argue the proposal favors large-scale commercial interests that do not cater to long-range community enrichment.

“What we've got is just what we always seems to get with new campus development," said Bunder "the neighbors lose and the rental companies win.  That is worth challenging.  I think we can be far more than we are.”

Bunder is one of six members of a steering committee picked to draft the plan.

So too is Jay McCann.

He is against this version because he feels it does not do enough to enrich the long-term needs of the community, instead focusing more on commercial development.

"The development envisioned really cuts against the long-term neighborhood interests," said McCann.  "The committee, itself, was made up with majority members who have some sort of significant short-term commercial stake in the neighborhood.  There were only two homeowner, long term representatives.

The APC will consider the plan at its meeting Wednesday night, which begins at  7p.m. at the Tippecanoe Office Building.