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Law Approves High-Power Rifles For Deer Hunting On Private Property


Indiana deer hunters will soon be able to use high-powered rifles on private land across the state.  But, some hunters groups are concerned about the new law.

The legislation allows deer hunters on private land to use high-powered rifles – guns that could have a range of as much as a half mile as opposed to only about a hundred yards, the range of rifles previously allowed by law. 

Some groups say they’re worried about the safety of allowing long-range guns for deer hunting.  But bill author Rep. Lloyd Arnold (R-Huntingburg) says hunting safety shouldn’t change because of his bill.

“You know, a stray bullet at 100 yards and a stray bullet at 500 yards is still a stray bullet; it’s still unsafe,” he says.

And Arnold notes the high-powered rifles are often more accurate.  Indiana Deer Hunters Association spokesman Doug Allman says that’s true -- for a responsible hunter.  But Allman says the bill doesn’t differentiate between responsible and irresponsible hunters.

“I’m not comfortable with being out there in the field in certain scenarios with people,” he says. “You know, that bullet that carries that far.”

Arnold points out that the bill only applies to private land and private land owners still have the right to bar such guns from their property.