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Dispute Over Wabash Fire Department Reaches State Capitol

Wabash Township Fire Department (WBAA News/Ben Thorp)

The fight over the future of the Wabash Township Fire Department’s three paid staff has reached the state capitol. 

Earlier this week, Trustee Jennifer Teising announced that the Wabash Township Board’s plan of moving township funds around to pay firefighters didn’t resolve the township's ongoing budget constraints, and declined to use the funds for that purpose. 

In a news release Friday, State Sen. Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) said he would hold a “private meeting” with Wabash Township Board members, and lawyers from both the Indiana Township Association and the Association of Indiana Counties to “reinstate the jobs that have been eliminated.” 

“Our goal,” Alting said in the statement, “is to come out better educated and explore what options we can take to, in my opinion, stabilize Wabash Township.” 

Teising has been accused of long absences from the township office building and has been charged with taking her trustee salary while not a legal resident of the township, all things she denies. 

That meeting is scheduled for Monday in Indianapolis.