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Wabash Township Still Set To Lose Paid Firefighters Following Second Emergency Board Meeting

Wabash Township Fire Department (WBAA News/Ben Thorp)

The jobs of Wabash Township’s three paid firefighters are still set to end next week following the Wabash Township Board’s second emergency meeting Tuesday night.

Township Trustee Jennifer Teising plans to end their employment on June 29, citing ongoing budget constraints. The trustee did not attend Tuesday’s meeting, which board president Angel Valentin called a “big middle finger” to the community. 

Board Member Brendan Betz said after meeting with State Senator Ron Alting and lawyers from the Indiana Township Association and the Association of Indiana Counties there was “no silver bullet” for saving firefighter’s jobs. 

The board pitched several ideas, including the creation of an emergency response department that would report directly to the board. 

Board member David Tate acknowledged how extraordinary the circumstances were.

“What we have been obligated to do is step out of our role as board members and become quasi trustees to do what hasn’t been done to protect you.” 

Betz also said he didn’t think Teising would go for any of the ideas proposed by the board at the meeting but said her denial could open her up to further legal action.

He urged residents to pitch into a legal fund for the Wabash Township Firefighters Association. 

The board is planning to hold another meeting to discuss their plans this Friday.