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Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: IDs, Chick-Fil-A And Betting On Purdue

Jae Lee

Two topics come up time and again on this edition of WBAA’s Monthly Conversation with Mitch Daniels: food and money.

Faculty have opposed the opening of a Chick-Fil-A location on campus, in part because the company’s founders oppose same-sex marriage on religious grounds. So is making the proprietor sign boilerplate language about inclusivity and non-discrimination enough to quiet those concerns? And what’s the difference between this and giving money back to the founder of Papa John’s Pizza after he made insensitive remarks?

Also on this month’s show, the president gets the first delivery from food service robots on campus and says he’s weighing whether he thinks Purdue staff should be allowed to follow a recent change in Indiana state law and bet on the outcome of Purdue sporting events.

Those topics, as well as a change in policy regarding making students pay for IDs so they can vote in location elections, all in this half hour.

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