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This I Believe essay by Tania Hernandez

Tania is a Senior at North White High School.

This is her essay entitled, "Love".

I believe that love has a purpose. Love is everywhere, in everything. The perfection of love is like an illusion. As children, we are given this perfect image of a prince or princess; however, in reality, it’s nothing like that. Love is complicated. Love is rare, it is an exquisite sensation, it is powerful. Loving someone and the feeling of being loved by someone else, is like the two opposite sides of a magnet; neither can let go of the other. When you fall in love, you go through everything together. Majority of the days are spent with a great feeling of satisfaction.

Yet, when those days go and you just want to stop and not go on anymore, that is exactly when love kicks in and fixes what little damage there is. This feeling of love is like a remedy, it can heal even the most shredded heart and make it full of life again. It’s like a flower when it first blooms. You get to experience the beauty in love. It’s a special feeling with special memories and moments. The feeling is like a roller coaster full of ups and downs. You may feel it like butterflies in your stomach or your heart beating as fast as a cheetah. You can also feel it like chills running down your spine. Love is a risk you take. Even though you don’t know where it will take you , it’s still a chance you take. You learn on a daily basis, but it has power. The power to change and save people’s lives. The immense power is so strong that it can transform bad people into good. It has a way of changing people for the better, a way that is unexplainable. It’s a life full of commitments and promises that you make to one another. You always take care of what you love because love is fragile. Love is gentle and trust plays a big role. Without trust, you have nothing. Even through hard times and difficulties, if the love is real it is pure. Hold on to love, because love is everything.