Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On The City's Readiness For What's Next

May 7, 2020

Credit WBAA

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: Indiana is starting to re-open. In Tippecanoe County, officials are watching local COVID-19 numbers to decide if and when they’ll put restrictions in place that override the governor’s. This week, county case numbers continued to rise – but is it a trend, or an isolated outbreak?  

This week in our talk West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, we’ll discuss whether West Lafayette is ready to start heading back towards normalcy, and how residents are responsible for helping stopping the spread of the virus. What’s the city’s plan if progress backslides?

Plus, we’ll get an update on the city’s loan plan for small businesses—and how many of the businesses that have been closed in recent weeks are ready to re-open under the governor’s guidelines.