Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Whether His City Has A Race Problem

Feb 1, 2018

The mayor changes his mind a little on this month's show about how his city handles bigotry and racism.
Credit City of West Lafayette

In college communities, there are often undercurrents. Frequently, it’s antagonism toward a rival school or a subtle desire to be more like another school’s town that's admirable in some way.

But in West Lafayette, it’s becoming increasingly clear there’s another, less savory undercurrent: bigotry.

When a West Lafayette church was vandalized two weeks ago, Mayor John Dennis profanely explained how mad he was. But what is his town – and Greater Lafayette generally – actually doing to try to fix the problem?

That’s one of the questions we put to him this weekon WBAA’s Ask The Mayor.

And we also talk about another underlying issue – that people in a college town tend to spend money a little differently.

That extends to both the closure of a grocery store that a city councilmember boldly claimed he could save and to whether taxpayers and city leaders want to build a new aquatic center.