Governor's Workforce Cabinet Approves Nearly $1M In Grants

Aug 16, 2019

The Governor's Workforce Cabinet voted to award several large grants at a meeting Thursday in Indianapolis. But some cabinet members were concerned they didn’t have enough information about the proposals they were voting on.

During the meeting, the cabinet approved nearly $1 million in grants to help students explore career paths. They also approved a measure to reimburse an online education company for adult education programs. 

Despite voting to pass the resolutions, cabinet members asked basic questions about what they’d be approving and asked to be provided with more information to make those decisions. 

Rep. Bob Behning (R - Indianapolis) was just added to the cabinet. He says it should be employer driven, but for that to happen, they need more information before passing recommended resolutions.

“And you heard some of the employers say ‘Hey, I don’t know what I’m voting on here,’” Behning says.

PJ McGrew, executive director of the workforce cabinet, says specific information about the grant applications can be made available to members. He says in the future, they’ll provide that information earlier.