Grant Improves Student Well-being For West Central Schools

Jan 9, 2019

The granting organization, North Central Health Services, says it’s looking for evidence of students staying away from drugs and bolstering the emotional skills needed for future academic success.
Credit Stanley Morales / Pexels

Nineteen West Central Indiana school corporations have received grant funding to assist them with collecting data and analyze the needs of their students.

With the grant’s help, schools must now establish how they would change current programs to improve mental health and/or keep students from doing drugs.

Lafayette School Corporation has been collecting data on student health after receiving money from the Lilly Endowment in 2017.

LSC director of secondary education Kathryn Reckard, using Tecumseh Middle School as an example, says the money is being used to assess how staff can best spend their time. Saying, “are the counselors at Tecumseh do they have the time that they need to devote to the social and emotional, if they don’t then how can we use some of what we gather form this grant to grow that programing?”

Reckard did not say whether teachers themselves would need to seek extra certifications or take on responsibilities in their classrooms.

The grant comes from North Central Health Services, comprised of River Bend Hospital and provides grants to organizations for projects that relate to health and healthy communities.