Indiana Adds 13K Private Sector Jobs in January

Mar 13, 2012

Indiana’s Governor points to a recent jobs report as reason for optimism.

Mitch Daniels says figures released from January show the state is making progress in recovering from the recession.

Indiana added 13,000 private sector jobs that month, which is the most since January of 2011.

The state’s unemployment rate hit a six month low at 8.6-percent.

The rate in Tippecanoe County’s is 7.4-percent.  The City of Lafayette is at 7.6 and West Lafayette is at five-percent.

However, the improved statewide rate means, starting in April, Hoosiers can no longer be able to apply for the last 20 weeks of federal unemployment benefits.

The National Bureau of Labor also updated figures from all of last year.  Initially the organization reported the state added 27,000  jobs in 2011, but modified the numbers to 43,000.