'No Promises' On Sept. 1 Start Date For Sports Betting

May 30, 2019

Hoosiers might not be able to start betting on sports Sept. 1, which is when new state law technically makes it possible.

Indiana Gaming Commission leadership says the “aggressive timeline” for implementation will make that Sept. 1 target difficult.

The 2019 legislation legalized sports wagering – including mobile and online betting – effective Sept. 1. But there’s a lot to do before that.

The Gaming Commission will begin accepting applications July 1 from casino operators and vendors who want to offer sports betting. And it will pass emergency rules in the coming months to govern the new system.

But Executive Director Sara Gonso Tait says the commission is making “no promises” for a Sept. 1 rollout. She says some factors are out of the state’s hands – including what operators have to accomplish.

“Submitting applications, creating internal control procedures, hiring and training new staff, entering into agreements for data,” Tait says.

Tait also says it’s possible in-person sports bets at casinos could begin before the more-complicated mobile wagering is ready.