Notre Dame Announces Remote Courses For Two Weeks

Aug 19, 2020

University of Notre Dame President University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins.

Notre Dame says it will move undergraduate classes online for the next two weeks and close public spaces on campus. The announcement follows a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Before students returned to school, Notre Dame recorded a 0.3% positivity rate. Just more than a week since classes began, it increased to 19.1%. The university says most cases can be traced back to off-campus parties.

Notre Dame President Father Jenkins says disciplinary action will not be taken on any student parties that have been reported through contact tracing.

“If however, we learn of a serious violation of our policies from other sources, we will take disciplinary action,” Jenkins said.

The university says, until further notice, off-campus students should not visit campus. After Sept. 2, officials will make the decision whether to return to in-person instruction or send students back home.