State Joins Lawsuit Over East Chicago 'Welcoming City' Ordinance

Nov 2, 2018

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill joined a lawsuit over an East Chicago, Indiana, ordinance that some claim makes it a sanctuary city.

East Chicago’s 2017 “welcoming city” ordinance says police won’t participate in federal immigration enforcement actions unless ordered by a court. And it bars federal immigration officers from accessing people in the city’s custody unless they have a warrant.

Prominent Indiana conservative attorney Jim Bopp filed a lawsuit against East Chicago, arguing its ordinance violates an Indiana law that bans sanctuary cities.

Hill asked to join the case to defend the constitutionality of that Indiana law.

In a court filing, East Chicago did not oppose Hill’s motion. But it said it doesn’t plan to challenge the law’s constitutionality. And it said it would try to move the case to federal court if Hill joined.